Where am I going again? I forgot.

I sit waiting for the green light of my life.
I know my cross street is yellow and about to turn red.
But I don’t know yet if I’m turning right or left.
There are no directions, no signs,
no way to tell what lies in either direction.
I’ve made a few mistakes in my life,
but for a long time my choices have been clear,
level-headed, and in the end right.
Now my choices are based on other variables.
Some I know, others I do not.
I can only guess.
If you know me well, you know I hate guessing.
I like, no, I need to know.
Not possible now.
I suppose it had to end up this way eventually.
So I’ll just have to take a chance and either take a turn,
jump, or run the opposite direction.
No matter how you look at it though,
it’s a set decision either way.
That’ll have to be enough for me.


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